Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Rome Eats: Bar "Le Due Cupole"

We have lunch here before heading to our next destination. After so many random cafes around Pietro area we settled here because one of their barista is Filipino. I expect an extra good service as you know Filipino are very hospitable wherever we are in the world. Hehehe (By the way, there are so many Pinoys working and living in Rome) He talked to me in Tagalog, he said, he's living soon, so other guy takes care of us. But the guy did a good job and friendly. He really works hard. :) We gave him a generous tip.

Moi at the café. Love the tulips flower.

Red wine for me and fresh orange juice for hubby. Hehehe

Caprese - mozzarella, tomatoes, and fresh basil with olive oil dressing. So Italian!

I had prosciutto and cheese pizza which is the bomb. The whole pie is huge. 3 small persons can I eat this. There's no way I can finish this. I wish I can take the leftover, but we just started our day to see more sights.

Hubby had this cheese pizza, he finished this everything.

Italian cappuccino is always amazing. I ordered this after I feel tipsy from drinking too much red wine I not used to drink. It does help me a lot to get my adrenaline back. :)

Travel Period: November 2012

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