Thursday, February 07, 2013

Rome Eats: Cafe Parnaso Ristorante

Ahh, pasta, espresso! delizioso!! What's not to love? When people said, they love Italian food believe them, because believe me Italian food really is the best. I can eat Italian food every single day, in a heart beat! No doubt I'm in love with their food, and their coffee as well, okay, gelato too! :)

My first meal in Rome is at this Café Parnaso Ristorante located near in our hotel. We have lunch here before we headed to sightseeing in the central. I am very glad we stop by here the food is amazing. In Europe I noticed the ristorante or café  rarely serve us tap water, they do not offer it instead they give us sparkling bottled water, of course with charged! But, I don't mind though because I like water (aqua) and it safe.

I have my coffee drink before I got the food. Espresso with chocolate bar is unbelievably good. It was cold in November. This keeps me warm.  I order a simple pasta with mozzarella and basil.  My husband is having mix vegetables with olive oil and lemon. Simple but tastes yummazing! :)

Travel Period: November 2012

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