Sunday, February 17, 2013

Rome, Italy: The Capitoline Hill and the Forums

From our hotel we rode a bus no.360 (Muse) to Termini once arrived we off and walk to our next destination. By walking the Eternal City famous sights around I feel nostalgic. The ancient Rome is magnificent! I love what I've seen.
We're heading towards Piazza del Campidoglio where the summit of Capitoline Hill, the most sacred of ancient Rome where the temples of Jupiter and Juno once stood. This was the spiritual heart of ancient Rome, where triumphant generals made sacrifices to the gods for giving them victories.
Before we reached the Capitoline Hill we passed by this piazza and a fountain in the middle of the street. The vehicles go around in circle that big fountain. This is where we takes a rest before we proceeded walking to Capitoline Hill.

Then I saw the ruins of Imperial Forums at the back of the Rome City Hall

Spotted a tall green wooden door. I love this type of door.

Colonna Traiana monument. The column was built to commemorate Emperor Trajan's triumph over the Dacians.

Piazza de Venezia

Vittoriano Monument.

Capitoline Hill

The equestrian statue of the emperor Marcus Aurelius. Behind it is the Senatorium (Town Council) building.

After the Capitoline Hill, we head east for a walk to Imperial Forums. In here you'll find the forums of Augustus, Nerva, Julius Caesar, etc.

Travel Period: November 2012


Irel said...

Nice!!! I haven't been there but planning on visiting one of these days... when I can save enough moolah that is! How are you? It's been a long time!

ring-my-Belle said...

I'm doing great, Irel. I'm sure you are as well. It's nice over there you should go! Hehe TC