Monday, February 25, 2013

Rome Italy: Trevi Fountain (Fontana dei Trevi)

When our dinner's done at the ristorante in Spagna husband and I proceeded our walk to Trevi street to see the famous sights of Trevi Fountain in Rome. There are still many tourists walking at night in the many small alley streets in Rome, it can be dangerous but thankfully we were safe. I was so amazed by the night beauty of Rome. Looks like more romantic than the day. Beautiful indeed.
We've lost many times to find the area. Lack of street signs. The things help us to find are the map on hand with us and courage to ask the strangers for the location.
After almost an hour wandering we turn a small corner from a side street and wow there it was finally find the Trevi! It was packed. Very busy. We were greeted by the many scammers around in this sight. So annoying. A rose seller guy approach me by giving me roses. I did not accept it. My husband said to him NO. He's very persistent. He said we are at the fountain of Trevi the most romantic place in the world people come here to pay respect of the fountain. I should accept his rose and toss coins in the fountain. I said NO. I can't accept that. And ignore him. He still following us. I said, okay give me your roses and I walk away. He goes to my husband and ask money for it. My husband yelled at him. So I gave him 1 euro (because that only I have in my pocket. I don't want to open my wallet in front of him. He could have steal it), and he has a nerve to take the roses back. I was so pissed because he ruins our time here. He ruins our moods.
We stayed for a while to admire the beautiful fountain. It is magnificent. I managed to snap a few photos but that was it. Husband and I call it a night. We head back to our hotel. Thanks to the crazy rose seller.

Travel Period: November 2012

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