Friday, March 08, 2013

Pisa, Italy

It's drizzling, gloomy, and cold when we arrived in Pisa Central Station via TrainItalia from Rome. Inside the station there's plenty of vendors, we needed a map for us to find its way. It cost us 4,00 euro for that map such a waste because we never used it. We met a very nice Filipina on the street I take the chance to ask direction for the Leaning Tower. She politely gives us the easy way direction to get there. Bless her.

We walk instead of taking a short comfy bus ride. Glad we did it. We've seen such a charming bridge over the Arno River and a beautiful church beside it. We also spotted the city's Piazza which is so cool. Plus, the Pisa neighborhoods. It's a beautiful small city. Very laidback. My kind of place.


Travel Period: November 2012

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