Thursday, March 07, 2013

Rome Terminal (Roma Termini)

We take a regional fast train from Rome to Pisa ( a city part of Tuscany Region) for a day trip. The trip takes us only more than 3hours per way with a stop in Florence Santa Maria Novella Station, and change to another train for Pisa. It is quite a long journey but that doesn't really bothers me at all since the train itself is very comfortable, and you'll enjoy looking at the beautiful countryside views from a window. The next thing you know, you have arrived in Pisa!

Before I talk about Pisa, let me share with you some photos I took in Roma Termini.

I noticed, the Rome Termini Station is the most busiest and crowded terminal than ever compare to Rome Fiumicino Airport. It is a big huge terminal. We somehow manage to understand how the procedure is going (with a help of course from local person around).

When we're inside the termini we go straight at the long queue line of the ticket windows. While waiting my number to be called I was worried if we can't catch an early train schedule for Pisa because I hold a number way to far. The line moves too slow. I have no patience.

I remember from what I've read online that we can buy ticket on a machine in the termini. So, I left the husband on the line so I can look for a ticket vendor machine around. Of course, I find many! I hurriedly call my husband and here we purchase our tickets. 40,00 euro p/p each way.

Travel Period: November 2012

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