Thursday, April 11, 2013

Orvieto, Italy: A beautiful place

I've said this before and I say it again.. I feel in love with Orvieto. This tiny-hilly-town is so charming. So laid-back. So quite. So walkable. So beautiful! I truly can live in here. If only I have so many time left before I will fly back to USA I would love to stay here much longer than in Rome. Sigh.

Oh well, this is a reason enough for me to come back here and do what I want. I'll tell you this town has enough restaurants and shops. But you know, there's a throw stones away to the train station to hop to go somewhere for hoarding more stuff.

From the plaza near the funicular station we wander these alleyways following the street signs as guide through the central where the duomo is.

During this time the local people is having a siesta that's why if you have notice the area is look like a ghost town. They are taking a nap. Ha! We came at bad time where stores are closed for a short period of time. But I still have a blast.


Travel Period: November 2012

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