Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Emeril's Orlando Restaurant

Just outside Universal Parks there are so many dining options for us to choose to sit and dine at City Walk. I know exactly what I want and where to eat for lunch. I drag my husband to Emeril's Orlando restaurant because I know that they cook for vegetarian food here. Of course, I always wanted to try chef Emeril Lagasse's food. I'm a fan of his. Love watching his cooking show in Food Network. So this is the perfect time to try chef Lagasse's food creation.

Although this is not one of his michelin restaurant but it's good enough to give this a 4.5 stars because of the flavors and services. They did a good job.

Emeril's Salad special doesn't the look do the justice because it was absolutely tastes very good. I love the strong flavor of balsamic vinegar, and the pepperjack cheese compliments the dressing quite well.

This vegetarian subs dish makes my husband tummy happy. He loves it.

Wood Oven Roasted Trout with artichokes, black olives and arugula is simply healthy and yummy. I love this dish.

For dessert I try their Rhubarb strawberry turnover is amazing. I emptied the plate. :)

Travel Period: June 2013

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