Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Transformers: The Ride 3-D

This is the newly open ride at Universal Studios Orlando everybody seems  excited to see and try it. Of course my husband and I are curious as well, who doesn't? We both are fanatic of Transformers movie since we're already here might as well take the opportunity to take the ride. 

A very long queue line outside the studio under the steaming hot weather we brave to join the pack. We started to get in line at 11:15AM later I realize the line moves so slow I have a feeling this is not good. I think it will take us longer to get in the studio. Two hours passed by we finally in the studio I feel so relief I thought we were almost there. The next thing I know another an hour passed by we still on the long queue line inside the maze studio! Four hours later we heard paging announcement apologizing for a long delay and that they need to extend our patience for uncontrollable technical failure.  Everybody feel so irritated and uncomfortable knowing that the other ride is broken. This is not acceptable. I have no more patience and time left for this frickin' ride! My only argument is why can't they stop the whole ride and close this studio until they fix it?! 4 1/2 hours I've wasted for this. We didn't have lunch yet. Majority of the people inside left the studios. I can't stay any longer. No way. I felt so disappointed. We could have spend taking more on other rides on the hours we wasted from this. Boo....

Travel Period: June 2013

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