Saturday, July 13, 2013

Universal Studios Florida Park

On our day two, we start early in the morning exploring this park. We arrived before 9:30AM right before the park's open the queue lines are already long and packed. I started to get feel the heat weather that early it really makes me feel uncomfortable. I despise humid-sunny season. Ugh... Thankfully though it rains in the afternoon which is great. It keeps our body cool. Despite of the quirky weather we have encounter here in Orlando we manage having a good time.

Universal Studios offers more adult rides than Disney World. Disney is more on family oriented theme parks they don't have extreme rides compare to what Universal Studios have. Don't get me wrong I like Disney World- I enjoyed my experienced over there, it really makes me feel like a kid again. I feel the magic. But, if you want adventure, party, and extreme rides like myself then Universal Studios is for you. Kids can also have fun here of course. There are rides cater for their age but it's only limited.

Roam'n around the park is quite a long walk. Tremendous. Wearing comfortable shoes is a must unless you'll attending a bar party at CityWalk's HardRock Café during the night proper attire is I guess a common sense. :)

Anyways, I like the New York and San Francisco theme it look like just exactly the way the two city is. If you haven't been to these cities you can imagine by way of seeing the replica of it. I think it's cool.

They have cartoon characters parade as well.


Travel Period: June 2013

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