Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Universal's Islands of Adventure

Universal Orlando Resort are have two parks- Universal Studios Florida and Universal's Islands of Adventure. You have to pay each park a ticket to enter. Because I want to see both parks so I bought park-to-park tickets for 2 days, and they give me the third day free!

Anyway, on our first day we visit the Islands of Adventure park. We arrive here in the afternoon there's no way we can take all the rides that day, with many people on the queue line for each rides it'll take us forever to get in the certain ride we want to take. So my husband pick a ride he likes the most.

This is our adventures begin..

First, we roam'n around the area, checking out some of their stores that has lovely display. Each stores purposely design to captivate our attention and imagining fantasy into reality. It feels real. Amazing!

There were cartoon characters parade as well.



This is our first ride. For the first time, I haven't feel any nervousness nor think scared about it. Looking at the people scramming from outside makes me laugh instead. Weird. Yes, I am!  :) This ride represent by a fictional character Doctor Doom. He's a supervillain of Fantastic Four.  Imagine how bad he is, and the ride must be tough too. Its indeed intense. We're sitting on that belted chair in the open space and then suddenly it pulls up so high and pulls down very quickly a couple of times. OMG! I scream from the top of my lungs nonstop till the ride is over. If you are afraid of heights escape this. It was fun though.

Travel Period: June 2013

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