Friday, August 02, 2013

Red Ginger Asian Bistro

Husband discover a new restaurant down the road for us to dine. It's a Japanese fusion type of dining establishment they cook a little of everything from of course Japanese food, Thailand dish, and Chinese food. We kind a like that they have various dish from these different type of cuisines. They have a cool ambiance, I like that they have wide (spacious), clean and neat tables. Their waiters are superb, very gracious and attentive.

The food are absolutely delicious. We've been here four-times already because we are very pleased and satisfied customer of them.

 Traditional spring rolls. Fresh ingredients, not so oily, plus the sauce was very taste good. This is my favorite.

Agedashi Tofu- a Japanese appetizer consist of fried tofu with ponzu sauce topped with bonito flakes and scallions. Yum.

Sauteed tofu and vegetables. Husband never gets tired to eat this whenever we dine here.

And so did I! My all time favorite dish here at Red Ginger- rainbow from the sea food. Nomnomnom.

There's no better way to easily digest after having all these sumptuous foods with a hot Japanese green tea.

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