Friday, August 02, 2013

The last dinner in Rome

I ask a dinner reservation at our hotel concierge on our last night here. Every night the hotel's restaurant we stays at is always busy so that gives me a hint that they cook great food. 

Husband and I are starving already when we arrived at our hotel around 7pm. The restaurant downstairs closed at 9:30pm so we have time to fix ourselves first before to take our dinner. We check in our dinner reservation at 8:00pm an amiable young Italian man greeted us by the door and lead us to our table straight right at the corner, and he handed us the menu.

We order the a la carte menu of the day.

Husband choose: Appetizer- bruschetta

Main dish- mix vegetables salad

Soup- mushrooms soup

I choose: Main dish- seafood risotto

parmesan coated tilapia

appetizer: tomato mozzarella salad

gelato for dessert!

Travel Period: November 2012

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